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IMPORTANT: for updates to the assignments and due dates, please consult the Assignments link on the course web site or the assignment description on canvas - changes to the syllabus are lagging behind adjustments being made to the assignment (a new version of the syllabus with all updates will be posted late in week 3).

Here is the revised CAT 3C Queering Climate Change Syllabus
Minor changes from the syllabus distributed on the first day of class:
Page 3 section participation
clarify that section participation is through spoken contributions or type contributions in the chat
Page 3 Writing Assignments Weeks 1-3, 5
Clarified that all essays are 300-500 words
page 4 Major Writing Assignment and Peer Review
major writing assignment word count → 800-1000 words
fraction for the writing assignment corrected to 20%
peer review word count → 300-500 words
page 4 Final Group Project
added language to clarify the final project video (detailed instructions coming soon)
proposal word count → 400-600 words
individual essay word count → 400-600 words
review of another group's project word count → 300-500 words
minor corrections to calendar
pages 14-15 updated the CAT 3 individual and group rubrics

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