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CGS 101 Gender and Globalization


•032721: Black farmers speak out against the 'festering wound' of racism in agriculture
•032621: API Media and UCSD Mutual Aid are hosting an event on March 27 1130AM-1PM PDT for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Kumeyaay Territory (the San Diego area) who need space to process and heal in community. Activities will include: Creative writing session, inspired by Bhanu Kapil’s “12 Questions”; Processing discussion in small groups; Mapping our relationships and roles in mutual aid and resistance. Contact bt for the registration link.
•031121: Please post the final group project reports/papers to the upload extra credit link
•031721: CGS Letter of Solidarity and Statement on Anti-Asian Racism and Violence Please consider signing this statement!
•032121: Belen Fernandez's COVID-19: The patriarchal pandemic
•031921L Born rebels: From Rosa Luxemburg to Palestine’s Azza Qasem
•031121: Office hours through the end of the quarter
Thursday 3/11 8-9PM PT
Friday 3/12 NOON-2PM PT
Monday 3/15 200-400PM PT
Tuesday 3/16 1230-130PM PT
if you want to meet at a different time, please e-mail bt!
•030921: Hard deadline - Monday, March 22 NOON for reading assignments, followups, forum posts. Deadline for extra credit: Friday, March 19 NOON. please get things in as soon as possible, if you need time beyond these deadlines, please contact bt!
Thanks to the fp groups for your wonderful videos! we will play the last two on Thursday, 3/11, and look back on the quarter and to the future as well.
•031121: • Check out Ana Naomi de Sousa's article How Portugal silenced 'centuries of violence and trauma' from the transatlantic slave trade
•030921: LAST TWO EXTRA CREDIT event opportunities are Wednesday, March 10 3PM and Thursday March 11 3PM. see the links on the extra credit opportunities page. Also note that there are some articles you can critically analyze on the extra credit page as well! **Edit: sorry, the Thursday 3/11 event was cancelled because of an emergency.
•030921: Women marching on International Women’s Day have clashed with police at barricades surrounding the National Palace in Mexico City, where officers fired pepper spray after the protesters attempted to tear down a metal wall.
•030821: If you have a slow internet connection, please download the final project videos on the Notes and Slides page ahead of time, so you can watch along with us.
•030921: I was shaking inside’: Bangladesh’s first transgender TV anchor
•030821: Women lead the struggle against the coup in Myanmar despite the threat of sexual violence from the security forces
•030521: There are now a list of articles that you can critically analyze for extra credit - check out the extra credit opportunities link
• Racist, sexist discourse in the British royal family - a timely topic! Hamid Dabashi's The Priceless Racism of the Duke of Edinburgh
• A discussion of materialist collective vs. ideological individualized approaches to racial injustice: Bhaskar Sunkara: What if liberal anti-racists aren’t advancing the cause of equality?
•030421: Office Hours before next Tuesday:
Thursday March 3 1230-130PM PST; 800-900PM PST (Today!)
Friday March 4 NOON-2PM PST
Sunday March 6 100-230PM PST
Monday March 7 200-400PM PST
Go to the links page for the office hours link
•030421: if you are behind on posting your reading assignments, follow-ups or general forum posts, don't stress! please get them done as soon as you can. if you are going to need time beyond finals week, please contact bt!
•030421: Last TWO Xtra Credit Events:
Unknotting Transformative Justice: Race, Dis/Ability, and Care Work
Black Feminist Reflections on Abolition with Beth Richie
Two extra credit opportunities that involve reading and writing about articles will be posted late in week nine - stay tuned!
•030421: Is rethinking masculinity the key to gender equality in India?
030221: Grading Update: Feedback will be available for all follow-ups Thursday night and Friday, and reading templates through week 8 on Friday and Saturday. If you have not turned in reading templates, forum posts or follow-ups, please do so as soon as you can. Questions? contact bt.
•022421: Black Lives Matter: Where are the Black clergy? discusses resistance strategy in the Black Live Matter movement.
Jennifer Matsui"s critique of METOO - what frameworks are they using in their analysis?
•022421: Resistance against femicides in Argentina and their connection to neoliberal austerity
•021821: IMPORTANT: For those who haven't been posting a well-thought-out question or a well-thought-out answer to someone else's question on the General Forum EVERY WEEK, please go back and do so for Weeks 2 - 9 - this is part of your participation grade!
•021821: An interesting and informative discussion with Yanis Varoufakis, former finance minister of Greece, about neoliberalism, COVID-19, gender, race and the future
•021821: Dying to swim in Chicago: Race riots and the ‘Red Summer’ of 1919
•021321: Week Seven reading assignment due Tuesday at 11AM PST - don't stress over it!
•021321: Extra Credit Event Opportunity:
Race and Ethnicity within the University Tuesday February 23 400-600PM
This webinar will talk about what it means for African Americans and students of color to be in College. What are the experiences that may be different from the other students? What changes in life happen once a college degree is achieved? What type of environment they face before, during, and after they live in College?
• Myanmar Punk Band Rebel Riot's video track One Day about the anti-coup protests.
• 021021:UDOATE1 **** the fox at cryptpad inform me that they have changed the whiteboards and shared documents to default to a white background, which can then be changed in user's settings. let bt know if you experience any difficulties! **** a change at cryptpad has led to folx using Macs have some difficulty - the background color of the shared documents is being set to the background color you choose for your system - so it makes it difficult to see black text if you are using a dark background, and setting the text color to white makes it difficult for people to read if they have a light background. I am seeking a fix from the developers, but for now the best solution might be to choose dark background, which seems to work better - on a Mac, go to system preferences --> general and then choose dark background. thanks for your patience!
•020521: IMPORTANT: if you cannot attend class, be certain to post a summary of your reading summaries and answers to questions in your group's shared document BEFORE TUESDAY'S CLASS to get credit for participation!
•020821: We will be discussing the final project and choosing final project groups on Thursday, Feb 11 in class. Please fill out your interests and skills for the final project in the document listed on the links page no later than Tuesday, February 9 at midnight. thanks!
•020621: Check out this article on one instance of the widespread environmental devastation related to globalization
•020321: Extra Credit Event Opportunity:
Decarcerating Disability: Deinstitutionalization & Prison Abolition.
•012921: Extra Credit Opportunities: attend one of these events, and write an essay ~ 300 words that summarizes the main points made during the event and critically analyzes the connections to specific topics we are discussing in Gender and Globalization. Extra credit for up to 5% of your final grade. More extra credit event opportunities will appear soon. You can do up to two extra credit events. (if you want to do more, contact bt!)
“No Comemos Baterias!" Against Extractivism in the Green New Deal January 30 11AM PST
An Expansive Rebellion: Feminism and Social Revolt in Chile February 1 4PM PST
Gendered Violence and Financialization of Social Reproduction: A Feminist Perspective On Debt February 8 4PM PST
•012821: A reminder that everyone should post one well-thought-out question or one well-thought-out answer to someone else's question as a comment in the general forum each week. If you can't attend class, please try to do two general forum posts/comments per week. The general forum and the group shared documents are an amazing resource of your shared knowledge and for sharing knowledge, so I suggest reading through them before doing your analytical follow up assignments as a form of review.
•012621: Feedback and grades will appear as comments on your assignment posts. However, there is a prob that is making them invisible to you. I will diagnose and fix it after my last class/meeting today ~ 8pm. thanks for your patience! UPDATE - I should be able to get this working the evening of Thursday Jan 28 - sorry for delay!
•011921: Office Hours for Tuesday, January 19 1230-130PM PST are moved to Tuesday, January 19 330-430PM (just for today!)
•011821: I apologize for getting my dates mixed up and making reading assignment three due on MLK day! not much I can do about it now, but I will give extra 2 points (out of 10) to anyone who turns in the assignment by Monday, and if you need more time, that's cool, but try to turn it in before class on Tuesday.
•011521: Materializing Abolition: Queer and Feminist Strategies - Prison as Gendering Technology Critical Gender Studies, in collaboration with the Digital Gym, will be joined by Prof. Eric Stanley and Krys Shelley, both active in queer liberation and anti-prison struggles, on January 21 at 6 pm. This month's conversation centers on "Prison as Gendering Technology; Queer as Abolitionist Tactic." We will explore ways in which systems of policing and incarceration are produced by, and forcibly produce, heteronormative gender binaries, and how queer activism sheds light on how we can mobilize a politics of care. For more info about this event and the series, go here.
•011421: Don't forget to post a well-thought-out question or a well-thought-out answer to someone else's question to the general forum by the end of Friday.
•011421: I will be posting the feedback to your week 2 reading assignment as comments to your posts on Friday or Saturday. update: a few tech probs, feedback is coming soon!
•011421: Thanks to everyone for your contributions to the discussions this week and for your hard work! I hope you all have a low stress weekend!
•111520: Critical Gender Studies and the Digital Gym are presenting a series of community discussions on abolition on Thursdays: Materializing Abolition: Queer & Feminist Strategies. For more information and a calendar, go here. For background on abolition and ways to get involved, go here.

Links for CGS 101 are distributed by e-mail or on this web site. If you are interested in taking the course but don't have an account for this web site, please send an e-mail to bt at

If you cannot remember your password or login, please e-mail bt and i will reset your account and remind you of your login and pword

Globalization is a process that creates, modifies, amplifies and severs economic, political and social links across the globe. Rooted in colonialism, fast-tracked by neoliberal capital's privatization and free trade discourses and spawning resistance ranging from individual acts to broad-based social movements, globalization disproportionately harms but also empowers BIPOC, Womxn, Trans and Queer Folk, Disabled People, Workers, and many others who have experienced its heavy hand. Globalization influences the construction of gender and sexual identities, and has created landscapes of extreme inequality, environmental destruction and conflict. In CGS 101, we will combine sampling theoretical concepts to describe these gendered, anti-Black, colonized and racialized landscapes with a focus on case studies that highlight the interplay between the devastation left in the wake of globalization and the resistance against it.

CGS 101 will meet Tuesdays/Thursdays 1100AM-1220PM PST during Winter Quarter.

The current time (PST) in Kumeyaay Territory (so called San Diego) is:

CGS 101 will be 'conducted' on stolen, colonized, occupied Kumeyaay Land. ¡La lucha sigue!

Download the CGS 101 Flyer here.

Contact bwerner AT ucsd DOT edu with questions.

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