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CGS 101 Gender and Globalization


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•011521: Materializing Abolition: Queer and Feminist Strategies - Prison as Gendering Technology Critical Gender Studies, in collaboration with the Digital Gym, will be joined by Prof. Eric Stanley and Krys Shelley, both active in queer liberation and anti-prison struggles, on January 21 at 6 pm. This month's conversation centers on "Prison as Gendering Technology; Queer as Abolitionist Tactic." We will explore ways in which systems of policing and incarceration are produced by, and forcibly produce, heteronormative gender binaries, and how queer activism sheds light on how we can mobilize a politics of care. For more info about this event and the series, go here.
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•111520: Critical Gender Studies and the Digital Gym are presenting a series of community discussions on abolition on Thursdays: Materializing Abolition: Queer & Feminist Strategies. For more information and a calendar, go here. For background on abolition and ways to get involved, go here.

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Globalization is a process that creates, modifies, amplifies and severs economic, political and social links across the globe. Rooted in colonialism, fast-tracked by neoliberal capital's privatization and free trade discourses and spawning resistance ranging from individual acts to broad-based social movements, globalization disproportionately harms but also empowers BIPOC, Womxn, Trans and Queer Folk, Disabled People, Workers, and many others who have experienced its heavy hand. Globalization influences the construction of gender and sexual identities, and has created landscapes of extreme inequality, environmental destruction and conflict. In CGS 101, we will combine sampling theoretical concepts to describe these gendered, anti-Black, colonized and racialized landscapes with a focus on case studies that highlight the interplay between the devastation left in the wake of globalization and the resistance against it.

CGS 101 will meet Tuesdays/Thursdays 1100AM-1220PM PST during Winter Quarter.

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CGS 101 will be 'conducted' on stolen, colonized, occupied Kumeyaay Land. ¡La lucha sigue!

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