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CAT 3 Queering Climate Change

•041821: She survived Hurricane Sandy. Then climate gentrification hit
•041721: Extra Credit Opportunities: click the link to the right. This Thursday April 22 100-230PM PDT Climate Intersections.
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•041521: The concluding session video is now available (COP 99 page --> Videos Page) - unfortunately some parts were lost in the computer crash. The COP 99 Tweets/Asynchronous Journalist forum also is available. The full dropbox videos are available as a download or for streaming if you have a dropbox account - otherwise, only the first 15 minutes can be streamed. I am working on getting these up on the course web site, but this might not happen until sometime friday.
•041521: Many of the sub-session videos now are available - go to the COP 99 page --> Videos Page. More videos, the Asynchronous/tweets forum and the agreements reached at the meeting will be available late Thursday evening PDT. Thanks to the asynchronous folx for their patience!
•041521: thanks everyone for their fantastic performances in COP 99! as you know, my computer crashed after the resistance staged their demo - I apologize for that added bit of chaos, but it looks like I only lost a few parts of the concluding session, so those videos and the links to the sub-session videos will start to appear on the web site after my afternoon class. thanks to the asynchronous folx for their patience with this process - everything will be up on the web site sometime Thursday evening.
Special thanks to the Secretaries for facilitating the sub-sessions, to Aedan for facilitating the concluding session, to the media folx for putting in the work to record/document the sessions and conduct interviews! and to everyone for putting yourself in the shoes of the stylized versions of the participants in a COP meeting amidst the chaos of this rendition of COP 99. it might be an understatement to say that in 80 minutes you accomplished more than 25 years of the actual COP meetings.
•041421: hey folx - getting the sub-session summaries and science summaries out kind of got away from me (unfortunately, I cannot get a no fault extension), but you can now find the science summaries at the top of the COP 99 page and the sub-session summaries as well. We will go over the session summaries at the start of every sub-session, in case you don't have time to read them before lecture. let bt know if you have any questions!
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•041321: I will be responding to e-mails about roles and other questions about COP 99 later today (and I have another class to teach). thanks for your patience! bt
•041121: we will be using jitsi online rooms for the UN Climate Simulation on thursday. please test your ability to connect to this room using your browser:
and if your camera and mic work. if they don't, try checking out the Jitsi guide link on the right, or come to one of it's office hours on Monday:
NOON-100PM; 200-400PM or 800-900PM at it's office hours link.
•041121: Saami indigenous back down Gates-funded geoengineering experiment
•040621: I have posted the link to the news article for Writing Assignment Week Two and added some clarifying language to the description of the assignment in the Assignments page on this web site and on the canvas page for this assignment. Thanks for your patience. For those we are taking the course asynchronously, please watch Thursday's lecture before doing the assignment (Thursday's lecture video will be posted soon). Note that I have not updated the syllabus with this info - I will be adding a syllabus update incorporating your comments in class on thursday in the next few days.
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•040621: Nick Estes on Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?
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•040121: When should you complete the reading for each week? It would be best if you can have it done before Tuesday's lecture, because I will be talking about and referring to the reading (and also clarifying aspects of it) during lecture. Weeks 2-3 reading selections are challenging. Pace yourself and take care of yourself and those around you!]

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• As multiple intersecting crises continue, please prioritize taking care of yourself, your family and friends, and all your relations.
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The CAT3 Queering Climate Change Syllabus is located at the syllabus link.
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•032621: API Media and UCSD Mutual Aid are hosting an event on March 27 1130AM-1PM PDT for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders in Kumeyaay Territory (the San Diego area) who need space to process and heal in community. Activities will include: Creative writing session, inspired by Bhanu Kapil’s “12 Questions”; Processing discussion in small groups; Mapping our relationships and roles in mutual aid and resistance. Contact bt for the registration link.
Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Justice's Workshop: No Comemos Baterias: Against Extractivism in the Green New Deal
• Check out Vijay Kolinjivadi's critique of extractive tourism.
• Check out this awesome roundtable with three Black women climate change/environmental justice activists: Katrina 15: Black Climate Feminist Leadership Roundtable
Naomi Klein on the Fossil Fuel Shock Doctrine
• See these amazing poems of resistance from the Marshall Islands by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner:
Anointed || Dear Matafele Peinem || Rise: From One Island to Another (by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and Aka Niviána)
• Myanmar Punk Band Rebel Riot's video track One Day about the anti-coup protests.
• List of topics and course flyer coming in 'Winter' Quarter Week 6, with draft syllabus soon thereafter -- draft syllabus coming sometime during week nine - thanks for your patience and e-mail bt bwerner AT UCSD DOT edit if you have any questions! UPDATE: pandemic conditions are slowing everything, so the draft syllabus probably won't be available until early finals week of winter quarter - thanks for your patience and please feel free to contact bt with any questions you have about the course!
• Matt Shaw's critique of billionaire futurity- check it out
• The Center for Interdisciplinary Environmental Justice is applying a feminist, decolonial framework in critiquing green technologies and taking action.

CAT 3 Queering Climate Change /\ Spring 2021
Online - Meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays 1100-1220PM P.D.T.
CAT 3 Queering Climate Change Flyer

The current time (P.D.T.) in Kumeyaay Territory (so called San Diego) is:

The dominant discourse on climate change centers on past and possible future trajectories mapped out by scientists for Earth's climate, the origin of climate change in anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, the disastrous consequences that will ensue if action isn't taken immediately and the secure and sustainable, although perhaps difficult, future that will result if the advice of scientists, engineers and policymakers is followed. In effect, if the future is put in the hands of these experts, catastrophe will be averted. This discourse has given rise to a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through incentives or restrictions and has narrowed popular and political discussion on climate change to peripheral arguments over whether change is happening, whether anthropogenic emissions are responsible, and what forms of green technology and geoengineering are best.

In other words, there is a difference between accepting the science as a technical description of the past and potential future behavior of Earth's climate and allowing science and scientists to determine the range of possible futures.

In this course, we are going to queer climate change by critiquing the science-based climate change discourse and by envisioning alternate futures. First, we will sample well-established critical analysis frameworks such as indigenous ways of knowing, ecofeminism, ecowomxnism, critical race theory, postcolonialism, intersectionality, disaster capitalism/NGO industrial complex, environmental justice, crip theory and queer theory to provide us with a lens and a set of tools to deconstruct the assumptions and logic that underlies climate change discourse. Then, guided by the foregrounding of marginalized voices, including BIPOC, People from the Global South, Womxn, Dissident Artists, People with Disabilities, Activists, and Queers, we will open up and explore the space of possible societal relationships to Earth's climate.

Students in this course will construct arguments surrounding climate change through writing, presentations and art to chart an alternate description of where we've been, where we are and where we are going.

CAT 3 Queering Climate Change will be taiught ONLINE during Spring Quarter 2021. Visit this page for updates, a draft syllabus and more information about the course.

Contact the instructor bt werner bwerner AT ucsd DOT edu with questions.


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