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SIOC 216B Applied Complexity

Applied Complexity is project-based course focusing on applying methods from the study of complex systems to messy, real- world physical, biological or social problems. Projects will encompass choosing a problem, writing a proposal, carrying out research, writing-up and presenting results, and working collaboratively.

Because of the disruptions caused by the mandate to attempt to reproduce classroom teaching online, the 2020 version of this course will look very different from the description and design of this course, with the relationally that is crucial for effective interdisciplinary research impossible to achieve.

This class will meet in a text chatroom tentatively 11AM-150PM Wednesdays PDT, with additional interactions through forum posts. If you cannot make the Wednesday time frame, please contact bt asap.

The current time (P.D.T.) in Kumeyaay Territory (so called San Diego) is:

In SIO 216b, students will learn concepts and practical methods for:

–designing and implementing cross disciplinary research studies

–applying complexity to formulating and solving research problems

–crafting a cross disciplinary research proposal

–using complexity to analyze and present research results

–working effectively in diverse research groups

contact bt with any questions. bwerner AT ucsd DOT edu

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