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STEM4BLACKLIVES is a horizontally organized collective at ucsd focused on struggling against academic anti-Blackness rooted in its connections to colonialism and capitalism, technology and science. We make decisions using consensus procedures to make sure that all of our voices, talents and skills go into decision making and collective action.

S4BL Mission Statement

S4BL started with the June 10 STEM STRIKE/STRIKE FOR BLACK LIVES, where we met in person and online to discuss selections from three articles that highlight the connections between anti-Blackness, capitalism/colonialism, science and technology, and universities:
• T. Elon Dancy II, Kirsten T. Edwards and James Earl Davis (2018) Historically White Universities and Plantation Politics: Anti-Blackness and Higher Education in the Black Lives Matter Era, Urban Education, 53(2), 176–219.
• Ruha Benjamin (2019) Race After Technology, Polity Books, Chapter 1: The New Jim Code.
• Rayvon Fouché (2006) Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud: African Americans, American Artifactual Culture, and Black Vernacular Technological Creativity, American Quarterly, 58(3), 639-661.

For further information, write to june10ucsd AT riseup DOT net.

Academic Anti-Blackness and Organizing Links:
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